Non-Emergency Maintenance Request Form

Please use this form for Non-emergency maintenance requests only. If there is a true maintenance emergency, please call us!

COVID-19 Maintenance Request Precautions (updated 3.20.2020)

Please read the following information before submitting your maintenance request

Your health & safety, and the health & safety of our staff is our top priority. In order to reduce potential exposure, we are following the below outlined procedure

  • At this time, we will only complete maintenance requests that are true emergencies or are essential for daily living in your home. If you are not sure what category your maintenance request falls into, please go ahead and submit it. We will follow up with you either way.
  • Please alert us if someone in your household is currently sick and exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • For maintenance requests that we will be addressing now
    • We will do our very best to call you prior to arriving. If you do not answer, we will leave a message, and we will proceed to your apartment to complete the request..
    • Do your best to remove any personal belongings that might be in the way while our maintenance technician is completing the work in your apartment.
    • Distance yourself from us while we are in the apartment, let's work together to follow best social distancing practices.

Our maintenance team is also taking extra precautions at this time. This includes:

    All maintenance technicians are working independently and are not interacting in person with other office staff or maintenance technicians (unless completely necessary).
  • Maintenance technicians will be wearing a fresh pair of gloves and footies when they are in occupied apartments.
  • Maintenance techs will wipe down surfaces that they touch in your apartment with disinfecting wipes.
  • If a maintenance technician displays any signs of illness, they will not be working in occupied apartments.

We will update this page if and when there are any changes to these precautions.